Jennifer Pyron is a classically trained vocalist that has toured Spain, Germany, France and the U.S. as an art song, oratorio and opera performer. While studying vocal performance at an early age, Pyron discovered the power of critical listening as being one of her greatest tools and placing the most value on the space between the notes.

She was born and raised in Oklahoma, and moved to Dallas, TX in 2008 where she performed with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO). While performing with the DSO in 2011 at Carnegie Hall, Pyron decided to move to NYC in order to further her journey as an artist. She started experimenting outside of her classical music roles in 2016 with a KORGMS2000 analog synthesizer and Boss RC300 Loop Station in order to compose layered sound collages of synthesizer, vocal and keyboard variations. Her first project is labeled “ALICE” and was privately released in 2017. This project also combines tracks that she composed for “Mind Bend Me,” which was the title of her first solo show in Brooklyn 2017.

This year Pyron just finished an album with Paul Geluso, Kevin Ramsay, and visual artist, Ting Liu at Harvestworks Studio in SoHo, NYC. Their first release is an emotionally-rich and ethereal compilation of twelve audio/visual tracks titled "My Everything.” The album was released in April 2019.

Pyron also critically writes for Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School, Glyndebourne Opera, Santa Fe Opera and a variety of high-level emerging artists. She concentrates her journalism mainly on innovative perspectives and the inner workings of one’s mind while experiencing live music performances. Observing and recording discoveries that pertain to new works and materials of performance design and composition.

Pyron’s studio is located near the Met Cloisters Museum on the Hudson River. She enjoys photographing her surroundings in this area and experimenting with a light exposure process she terms “Energy Synthesis.” Her style embodies her personal affinity with the process of evolution and one’s ultimate journey into greater light: conscious awareness.

“There is beauty and order in all that I do. I intentionally bring these two qualities into focus and create more moments of greater balance and conscious awareness. I feel more. I listen more. I see more. I acknowledge an array of perspectives mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as I continue on my sure-footed path of a journey into greater light.”


Press Photo Credit: Ting Liu