Jennifer Pyron is a classically trained vocalist that is recognized for her ethereal and haunting voice. She has toured Spain, Germany, France and the US as an art song, oratorio and opera performer from 2007 to present. Pyron currently lives in NYC and is known for her live performances with a KORGMS2000 digital analog modeling synthesizer, iPad program Samplr, Casio keyboard and beat sequencers.  She composes experimental music featuring layered sound collages and emotional imagery through vocals and spoken word.  Pyron frequently plays with other experimental musicians at NYU and Harvestworks for computer score compositions and live improvisational jams.
She began collaborating in 2017 with two local artists under the moniker
Tangerine Forest Fire, which includes Tingerine Liu (visual artist) and Kareem Woods (contemporary freestyle dance artist).  This collaboration showcases innovative and imaginative dialogue between music, visuals and dance.

She is currently working on her first album with the team at Harvestworks studio to capture her journey through sound - featuring all of the artists that she has collaborated with to produce experimental ambient soundscapes and noise.